What if you had a practical guide to advanced visualisation techniques to use the law of attraction? What if there were more simple ways than what they’ve told you about how to manifest what you really want? Here’s a few of the most powerful techniques that I am aware of on how to use the law of attraction. 

The most effective visualisation technique is to take a photograph or draw a picture of oneself pursuing the objective as if it has already been accomplished. The majority of people begin their practise of visualising by beginning with this method because it is the simplest. You need just picture yourself achieving what you set out to do. The process of visualisation is actually very easy. You find a place to sit that’s comfortable for you, close your eyes, and try to see, in as much specific detail as you can, what you would see if the goal you have set for yourself were already accomplished.

Utilizing all five of one’s senses—sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing—is an additional method for the visualising process. This practise is referred to as “mental rehearsal,” and it consists of going through a three-step procedure that includes sitting in a movie theatre, entering the movie, and finally downsizing and swallowing the movie.

Affirmations can be used to enhance your visualisation techniques, and you can also develop a visual picture and an affirmation to go along with each goal. Last but not least, you might do a daily evaluation of your objectives by using index cards. Successful people have been known to use all of these different visualisation strategies in order to bring about the outcomes they desire.


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